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Abael by Zolshii
My half of an art trade with Frosted-Monster  !! Their character, Abael! An extremely attractive demon.....
Wanted to try out a shading style that was strictly cell shading, normally i have a mix of cell and paint but this time...I wanted to try something else!
Pretty happy with the colours and everything TuT
Hope you like !!

Art belongs to me
Abael belongs to Frosted-Monster 
RAW FANTHOLOGY (please read!) by Zolshii
RAW FANTHOLOGY (please read!)
Exciting news!

I've been working on some art for a really cool project, which was launched on Kickstarter today!

RAW: A Hannibal/Will Fanthology

RAW: A Hannibal/Will Fanthology is a fan anthology tribute to the romantic relationship between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham from the award-winning television show Hannibal. It will be 8.5x11", softcover, with gold foil embellishments, and will contain over 200 pages of art, fiction, and comics from 50 different writers and artists.

I've seen all of the art behind the scenes and oooh boy, this book is going to be impressive!
But yes, I have a piece that will be featured within the pages of this sweet looking anthology AND I also had the opportunity to design a sticker for tier rewards!
...obviously the sticker is shown, and I slipped in a little sneak peak of the art i did for the book~

Here's a link to the kickstarter! We're already over 30% funded, which is a really promising sign considering that it's only the first day!…

If you enjoy NBC's Hannibal and also like the idea of Hannibal and Will being romantically involved, then please consider backing the anthology! It's going to be such a beautiful book! Even if you can't/won't back the project, please consider promoting the kickstarter! Every little bit helps, and it would be really awesome to see RAW reach some of those stretch goals! Imagine these books ... but in HARDCOVER ! OH MAN.

Thanks for reading!
Sketch Dump 12 by Zolshii
Sketch Dump 12
I haven't been doing much finished art lately but, here! Have a sketch dump~!
Hello !!
I just made a public twitter for sketches and...less private things!
It's looking a bit bare at the moment, but hopefully I can make it busier soon!

Life is going pretty fast at the moment. It's nearly November! WHOA! My birthday is soon keke :3c
Planning on finishing work by the end of next month so that I can FINALLY have some summer holidays! That's the one thing i miss about school...getting actual holidays. I missed all of my summer holidays during high school, due to working a harvest job in the summer!
Hopefully I get a lot of art done during the summer too! I've been rather slow this year...I need to step up my game.

I also finished a pacifist run of Undertale yesterday! SUCH A GOOD GAME !! If you haven't checked it out, you really should! All of the characters are amazing, all of the music is amazing The story is amazing! I love it so much...I want to do a Genocide play through soon but I don't know if I'll be able to !! ;A;

Hope everyone is well!
Love you all ~ <3
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  • Watching: Donnie Darko
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